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Credit Card

Compare and Choose the Credit Card that suites your need and lifestyle.


Need Financial support personal, business, home, education, apply now


Buy insurance policy online for life, health, travel, car and bike

Saving Account

Choose a savings account from our extensive range of options!

Demate Account

Safely Invest in Shares With Demat Account, Flexible Brokerage Plans

Current Account

Open a Current Account Online and and get access to a world of benefits

About Bank Agent

The bank agent provides online service to you so that you do not have to wander into every bank for the activities like taking a loan, opening a saving account or current account, opening a demat account, or applying for credit card etc. You can easily do all these works without any hassle while sitting at home. The bank agent compares the interest rate and offers of all banks and suggest you the best bank.

It often happens that you do not know whether you are eligible or not to take a loan or to open an account and you go to the bank to apply but bank tells you that you are not eligible in that case your efforts and time both goes wasted, by visiting at bank agent you can check that you are eligible or not. Bank Agent service is quick so your application can get sanctioned quickly and you can fulfil your wishes. You can easily check the list of the documents at our website which is required to fill the form.

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How to get a service from bank agent:-

  • Choose the desired service which you want like credit card loan saving account etc.

  • Fill the application form.

  • We will suggest you the right provider according to the information which you have filled in the application form.

  • When you will choose the right provider then we will forward your application form to the provider.

How we work:-

When an applicant applies at the Bank Agent website we verify the document and application form and then we forward the application form to the bank.

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