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PNB Metlife ULIP Plans


Features of PNB Metlife ULIP Plans:

  • For the investment, it gives six different stages of unit-link funds
  • This investment schema assists their customers to manage with an outstanding auto-rebalancing option.
  • It gives a flexibility to their customers to partial withdrawal of the invested amount but it will only be applicable after 5th year.

Product Benefit:

  • PNB Metlife ULIP Plans gives both benefits after death and after Maturity as well.
  • Maturity benefit schema is only applicable when the insured person reaches overreaches 99 years.

About PNB Metlife ULIP Plans

PNB Metlife ULIP Plans is a kind of unit-linked insurance plan which endows their customers a facility and flexibility to create their own investment portfolio with six stages of the fund. PNB ULIP plans covers their customers even they reach the age of 99 years.

It also endows two type of options. First is that it offers customers premium term of 5 years, 10 years or they can choose a whole life cover.