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Fullerton Business Loan



  • Fullerton Business loan is applicable to those applicants whose age is between 27 years to 65 years.
  • The annual turnover of the customer should be greater than Rs. 10 lakhs and maybe up to INR 100 crores.
  • The recipient must have an experience above 3 years.

Documents Required:

  • ID Proof, Address Proof & Age Proof
  • An application form and three recent photographs are required.
  • Last three months of salary slip and passbook and Bank statement for the last 6 months are required to apply for this loan.

Preclosure & Other Charges:

  • Before 24 months of agreement date, foreclosure charges of 4% are applied.
  • 3% charges of plus application taxes are applied till 25 months of the agreement date.

About Fullerton Business Loan

Different kinds of business loan are offered by Fullerton India company which includes different sectors and market segments.

What is the maximum loan I can avail with Fullerton India Business Loan?

Fullerton India offers up to INR 50 lacs to their customers.