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Top Zero Balance Savings Account in India


A basic savings bank deposit (BSBD) account does not need any minimum balance. A BSBD account is a type of zero balance savings account and does not need customers to manage any specific minimum average balance. First of all, we need to more about Zero balance bank accounts. I would like to tell you all that there are two types of bank account mostly in India. First is current bank account and second & the most popular account among the customer is saving bank account.

A current bank account is used by the businessman because a customer who have a current account they need to maintain their bank account balance and transaction should be a lump sum in a month while in saving bank account some banks offers their customers to maintain their account at zero balance but some banks do not offer a facility to maintain the account with zero bank balance.

So, if you are worried about to have a knowledge about the bank who provide such facility then you do not need to go anywhere else, here we provide you a platform where you can scrutinize all the information about the zero bank balance and information about who offers such facilities. 

Let’s have a look at the below-listed banks:

1. RuPay

A basic RuPay ATM-cum-Debit card will be issued free of cost and there is no annual maintenance charge will be applied. Central/State governments is give free permission to drawn deposit/collection of cheques. On activation of closure of accounts and inoperative accounts no need to pay. 


  • No charge on Rupay debit card

  • Unlimited free ATM transactions.


  • PAN card and Aadhaar card
  • Address proof and Identity proof.

2. Axis ASAP Instant Savings Account

Axis ASAP Instant Savings Account is followed by Axis Bank India who offers their customer to open Digital saving account with a facility to active their account at Zero bank balance, it means with no minimum balance requirement.

Interest Rate: 3.5% – 7.25%

Prime Features:

  • Earning higher interest rate
  • Instant Account Number
  • Zero Balance Account
  • Use the bank debit card at Cleartrip, BookMyShow, PepperFry, Bigbasket and get extra offers and discounts.

Debit Card:

  • Complimentary Optional physical debit card and online debit card.
  • Purchase limit of INR 400000 and withdrawal limit of INR 50000 but it will only applicable for an online shopping.
  • The bank also provide Virtual Visa Card, you can also use this card as online but the daily purchase limit of INR 100000.

3. Kotak 811 Savings Account

Kotak 811 Savings Account is becoming popular these days among the people. It provides so many benefits to the customers with Zero maintaining balance facility.

Interest Rate: 5% – 6%

Key Features:

  • Up to 6 % Interest Rate Per Annum
  • Instant account opening
  • No charges for not maintaining balance (Zero Minimum Balance Savings Account)
  • You will get all the features and facilities in a single app.
  • Auto Sweep FD facility.

Debit Card:

  • You can use this card to pay bills (Telephone, electric, utility, etc.) online.
  • Virtual Debit Card
  • Just scan and pay for your home deliveries, groceries, shopping and other such things.