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Virtual Credit Card in India


What is Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual credit cards are very similar to regular plastic cards and are used at any merchant location accepting MasterCards/Visa Cards online. 

They are online cards that are not physically issued by the credit card provider, this is usually a free service provided by the original card issuer to their customer.The Virtual Credit cards include just a one time use credit card number.

The State Bank Virtual Card are a limit Debit Card created for ecommerce transactions. They are also known as Electronic Card or eCard and they provides an easy and secure way of transacting online without providing the Primary Card/Account information to the merchant.

Here are some key features of Virtual Card:

  • The card decreases the risk of exposing the underlying details as the Credit/Debit card limit as the Primary Card/Account details are not exposed to the Merchant.
  • The card is only valid upto 48 hours or till the transaction is complete, whichever is taken place before.
  • Once the card is validated by one time password and OTP sent to your mobile phone during the process then only the card creation gets completed and it is authorized for the further online transactions.
  • It allows the user to pay through any of the Internet Banking enabled accounts having the right to transaction.
  • The card can be used on any merchant site that accepts Debit/Credit Cards.
  • There is no other setup and registration required, the customer having internet banking facility with transaction rights can create the Virtual Card.
  • Amount gets debited only when actual transaction happens using the Virtual Card. So there is no loss of interest.
  • Customers can make a minimum and maximum credit limit per transaction each day.
  • Virtual cards are valid for specific limited time period, as specified by the card issuer.

Let’s see an example of virtual credit card:

UDIO Wallet VISA VCC Card:

In India, Udio virtual credit card is one the popular virtual credit card provider as it is the best usable option is to use this card as a gift card. For example, you can give this as gift on your child’s birthday. This card acts like a virtual visa card which can be used anywhere in India. Udio also provides their customers a physical card and plastic card with nominal fees so that customer can use this plastic card at offline merchant too.

Ewire Virtual Credit Card:

In India, Ewire is the best knowing in providing virtual credit card to their customer.

The are the most easiest and simplest steps to apply of Ewire Virtual Credit Card:

  • First and foremost is that you just need to download Ewire application form the respective mobile app store.
  • Second is that you need to fill the required information and details which asked by the form and then just need to verify your mobile number.
  • Lastly and eventually, you need to do the simplest steps is just to click on the Create Virtual Credit Card button to generate a request or ticket to apply Ewire Virtual Credit Card.